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8 tips to get you ready for a fabulous yet affordable BBQ Season

Spring is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to throw a BBQ party for your friends!

Here are some of Chef Christophe and our Head Designer, Sebastien Sanges' recommendations to get you going for an Instagram-worthy event, without breaking the bank:

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  • Check your local store for sale items to plan your menu ahead.
  • Chose a cheaper cut of meat, like tri-tip, and marinate it before the event.   The taste will be wonderful, but you'll cut way back on cost.
  • Reduce the quantity of each item, but increase your variety. The more diversity you put on a buffet, the less people take of each.
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  • Select one specialty cocktail to provide for your guests so you can cut down on having to provide several kinds of alcohol.
  • Try selecting a cocktail that can be made ahead in large batches, such as sangria or punch.  That will give you less time as a bartender and more time to enjoy!
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  • Use your own china, but use terra cotta pots as elevation on the buffet, to create interest.  You can even get some fresh terra cotta pots, line them with parchment paper, and use them as whimsical serving vessels.  Bonus: you can use the pots in your garden later.
  • Save recycled bottles to use as bud vases, and use your own flowers from the garden.
  • Use benches in your garden and add tables to them to create smaller cocktail-like seating areas. To set the mood, use candle lanterns.
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